Acupuncture: A Complementary Tool for RMTs

As the latest round of graduates left the halls of Sutherland-Chan, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own gradation a year ago. After breathing that massive sigh of relief, oddly enough, I found myself contemplating what continuing education course to take next. Something that has been on my
mind for a while is acupuncture. More specifically, the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture course
at McMaster University. To find out more about the modality and the program, I decided to speak
to a few RMTs who have taken the course and use acupuncture in their practices.

I reached out to Erin McNeely ’14, Katy Nguyen ’17, Madhvi Aggarwal ’17 and Sorin Darie ’16, all S-C grads who have taken the McMaster program. I was curious about a few things, starting with what drew them to acupuncture. For Erin, it was always something she had planned on doing; she had received treatment as an athlete and it was quite effective for her. Madhvi had already completed a Chinese Medicine program in B.C. and wanted to explore the Western approach that the McMaster course teaches. Interestingly enough, everyone spoke of this program as the “go-to” acupuncture course. Sorin and Katy both felt that McMaster’s focus on evidence-based medicine, along with
amazing resources like the cadaver lab, made this school an obvious choice for them.

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