Reflections on a Recent Presentation by Ian Kamm, RMT

As a teacher at Sutherland-Chan, I find myself in the building often enough, but it’s always a pleasure to show up for other reasons as well. The Alumni Relations Committee sponsors events periodically and I was fortunate to attend a … Continue reading

Tara Norton ’98: Ultra Woman

Tara Norton ’98: Ultra Woman by Bruce McKinnon ’90 That feeling. When you fall. And you know you have to get back up again. Because you’re the only one who can do it. Some loathe it, but others live for … Continue reading

Acupuncture: A Complementary Tool for RMTs

As the latest round of graduates left the halls of Sutherland-Chan, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own gradation a year ago. After breathing that massive sigh of relief, oddly enough, I found myself contemplating what continuing education course … Continue reading