Pregnancy Clinic Hours


Attention Patients: Written consent requirements for specific body areas. Click here to learn more.


Pregnancy Clinic Hours and Pricing


1:00 (T2)*4:30 (T2)
2:30 (T2)*6:00 (T2)

Year 2 Pregnancy Clinics (Mar. 29 – Apr. 26, 2019, No clinic on April 19)
*Year 2 Pregnancy Clinics (Apr. 23, 2019 only)
(Y2 indicates Second Year student massage therapy appointments.)

  • This is a Scent-Free Environment
  • The cost of a one hour appointment in the Student Massage Teaching Clinic is: $18
  • If you are uncertain about which date to attend, the receptionist can help.
  • To book an appointment, or purchase gift certificates, contact our Student Clinic Reception at 416-924-1107 ext. 10.
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