Muscle Energy Technique for the RMT – Lower Back and Pelvis

    • Sunday
      May 28, 2017
      5:30 am - 1:30 pm
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Muscle Energy Technique for the RMT – Lower Back and Pelvis

Do you refer all or most of your clients with spinal joint problems to chiropractors? Muscle energy techniques (MET) help you assess and treat spinal and pelvic musculoskeletal dysfunctions within the massage therapy scope of practice. These techniques, which are very gentle, can be used to address muscle imbalances and articular restrictions with anyone from children to seniors and from sedentary office workers to the most active athletes. Each course in this series includes:

• a brief review of muscle physiology
• an overview of the anatomy, biomechanics and postural relationships of the relevant body area
• indications and contraindications for using MET to treat structures in this region
• a presentation of relevant muscle energy techniques
• practical instruction in how to perform the techniques safely and effectively

Matvey knows how to make complicated things simple. He has adapted the techniques of MET founder Fred Mitchell, Jr., making them applicable to RMT practice.

MET #1: Cervical Spine March 26
MET #2: Lower Back and Pelvis June 4
MET #3: Thoracic Spine and Ribs TBA (fall 2017)


Matvey graduated from Sutherland-Chan in 2004 and works at the school as a sessional instructor teaching Joint Mobilization. In 2013, he completed his training in traditional manual osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, where he learned how to apply cranial, visceral, dural, myofascial, muscle energy, and advanced joint manipulation techniques to musculoskeletal complaints, but also to a variety of digestive, cardiovascular, urogenital, nervous and other dysfunctions. Matvey’s colleagues and patients know him as a practitioner who blends a strong scientific and engineering education with a holistic approach to life and osteopathy. This mix of science and intuition allows him to get to the root of the matter in a systematic and intensive way to help patients achieve freedom from pain.


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