Integrated Rhythmic Techniques for the Massage Therapist-CANCELLED

    • Sunday
      March 5, 2017
      5:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Integrated Rhythmic Techniques for the Massage Therapist-CANCELLED

Rhythmic Techniques is a useful and powerful modality for many of the treatment needs therapists encounter – it offers alternative and less taxing approaches that are easy to integrate into any Swedish massage treatment. This 1-day course builds on the basics learned in school. The focus is on regional rhythmic techniques and integration of rhythmic techniques with Swedish massage treatment. Regions explored will include: back, shoulder girdle, abdomen, chest, head/neck/shoulders, posterior and anterior legs. Special attention will be given to therapist body mechanics and positioning of patients for maximum ease. The course includes ample hands-on time to experiment with usable practical technique and assessment skills, ready for immediate integration into your massage practice.


Rod is a 1993 Sutherland-Chan graduate, prior to which he was a Hatha Yoga instructor and also received education in fitness testing and exercise programming at George Brown College. Rod has his massage therapy practice at the Sutherland-Chan Clinic’s Spadina Ave. location and also served as clinic manager there for ten years. His teaching experience at Sutherland-Chan School has included Massage Techniques, Rhythmic Techniques, Clinical Skills, Therapeutic Relationships and Student Clinic Instructor. Rod also has a keen interest in the practice and health benefits of Qi Gong. “Flowing, rhythmic movement is key to maintaining health in all of nature’s life forms. By integrating this into the massage routine I feel it enhances the effects for both the giver and receiver.”
After graduating from U of T in 1999 and then Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2001, Michelle has been involved in teaching and administration, contributing as an active faculty member and coordinator at the school. During her 15-year career she has been engaged in the profession in various ways: guest lecturing/presenting, participating in the creation of digital teaching tools with and founding Es-Sense of Wellness Massage Therapy, Ask MFS Support Services and Perinatal Massage Therapy Education. As a dynamic practical instructor in subjects such as Techniques and Pregnancy Massage, Michelle has also taught Rhythmic Techniques for many years and is known for incorporating movement into her treatment style, featuring ways of treating that are most effective for both your body and your patients.


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