Assessing the Shoulder – Orthopedic and Motion Testing

    • Sunday
      May 7, 2017
      5:30 am - 1:30 pm
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Assessing the Shoulder – Orthopedic and Motion Testing

This 1-day, hands-on course is for massage therapists who want to review and enhance your skills for assessing the shoulder. It is organized according to the classic assessment protocol – Posture & Motion, Rule-Outs, Range of Motion, Differential Muscle Testing and Special (specific tissue) Tests. Also included are motion palpation techniques from the osteopathic tradition that help provide an even more complete assessment of an impaired shoulder. Used together, this combination of approaches provides an efficient, effective assessment that uncovers specific impairments of the shoulder as well as their impact on the thoracic and cervical regions and the ribcage. Thorough assessment leads to therapeutic outcomes that are realistic and appropriate, while at the same time suggesting what techniques may be of most use in any stage of the treatment plan. While reviewing the various forms of testing any important anatomical information that clarifies how a test works will be discussed, as will some of the most common impairments and dysfunctions seen in massage therapy practice.


David is the author of Comprehensive Assessment for Massage Therapy (2011). He is a Sutherland-Chan grad (1994) and for several years was the school’s principal clinical assessment instructor. He has also instructed and been the program director at other schools in Ontario. David has taught courses in anatomy, treatments and techniques; however, clinical assessment has remained his primary interest in both teaching and writing – he has written more than a dozen articles on assessment theory and practice. Currently, David teaches seminars across Canada for practising massage therapists, along with sustaining a busy clinical practice in Brantford, Ontario. He is revising his textbook and expects it to be re-published by Handspring Publishing in late 2017. David has also pursued instruction in osteopathic techniques and osteopathic principles and theory. He uses a blend of osteopathy and massage in his practice, with the intent to provide a more comprehensive approach to assessment and treatment for his clients.


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